My Firsthand Experience With Spyderco Paramilitary 2

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to yet another great gear review, this time I’ve picked my most favorite EDC (every day carrying) blade, the Spyderco Paramilitary 2. If you were to pick a knife to carry around for all purposes, what would it be, what features would you consider? Well, most people will talk of its weight, size, sharpness, ability to be folded easily and safely, so on so forth. But in essence, a great folding knife has to balance between performance and practicality. Sharpness is a great feature, but the knife has to be lightweight, the safety lock must be really good, and so on. Now, this is very popular and one may be tempted to assume I picked this knife due to its immense online popularity. But truth is that I picked over 5 brands including other versions of the Spyderco Paramilitary family; below are some of the reasons why I fell in love with this:

  • Remember that, this is an improved version of the original Paramilitary which made its debut in 2004, right? The original version, for all its goodness and effectiveness as a military model survival knife, was critiqued for its huge and bulky size. The manufacturer thus sought to address some of these concerns by designing the lightweight, more reliable Spyderco Paramilitary 2.

  • The grip and feel of the knife’s handle matters a lot during use; the handle should feel stout when in your hand but also slip in and out of your pocket with ease. So, this is another area that It has excelled in. I noticed that with the knife in my hand, I would easily exert the maximum pressure needed to open cans and packages. You have the option of gripping the knife using your index finger (resting against the choil area) or grip it in a tight chokehold (depending on the task you’re performing).

  • An elongated blade that ends in a sharp tip comes in extremely handy when opening mails or chopping meat when preparing dinner.  It’s one of those knives that perform excellently whether to slice, cut, stab, thrust, chop and much more. The blade’s corner is invisible when the knife is closed, making it even easier to conceal and fit into your pocket.

  • This Knife also comes with a unique compression lock; I found it quite convenient for anyone operating the knife on strictly one hand. In other words, you can open and close the knife using one hand; you just use your index finger to depress the lock. Your fingers and hand, in general, are safe from the blade when opening or closing the knife. I found this feature very impressive especially when I needed to operate the knife with one hand. A very convenient knife to carry around and use for daily ECD tasks.

  • Many months after I first started using my Spyderco Paramilitary 2, I’m still impressed with the sharpness of the knife as well as the quality of the steel used to make the blade. The S30V steel is razor sharp and built to last. However, I have heard friends say that re-sharpening the blade once it has lost the edges can be a hard task for most beginners. It’s thus recommendable that you acquaint yourself on the essential guide to handling steel knives.  Initially, I was worried the tip of the blade appeared too thin; but even with the constant prying open of cans and other packages, stabbing and thrusting, the tip still looks as untouched as the first day I unpacked it from the box.

  • Last but not least, the SP2’s lanyard hole is worth giving credit to, I was able to comfortably attach double lengths of 550 cords.  I was looking for a knife that would be easy to attach to my lanyard when out camping and trekking; Spyderco did a great job by designing a bigger hole that almost automatically fitted with every kind of paracord I tried.

Why Spyderco?

Spyderco is a pioneer in the world of knives and blade manufacturing, many of the features they pioneered have been absorbed into many folding and pocket knives.  This is an American brand, proudly made in the USA. Spyderco is based in Golden, Colorado and some of their most prominent contributions in the world of knives and blades are evident in the opening hole, serrations, pocket clips, to mention a few. Thus, we’re talking of a manufacturer who has mastered the art of pocket knife and foldable knives design. Of course, some users complain that the SP2 is quite costly, that it costs more than most knives with similar capabilities in the market. Well, I personally think the price is worth it, I have had cheaper pocket knives before and I know the hassle of the frequent re-sharpening, bent blades, too small a hole to attach my lanyard, and such like.

Today, Spyderco knives are renowned globally for their reliability, simplicity, and impressive ergonomics, not to forget the nice aesthetics. Spyderco pocket knives are extremely popular with the military, search and rescue teams, law enforcers; private citizens are also increasingly finding these knives as perfect options. Spyderco has distinguished themselves for embracing CQI (constant quality improvement) in all their brands.

Quick points to understand about the SP2

  • That Spyderco Military 2 has one of the best locks ever made for a folding knife is no doubt.  However, this doesn’t take away the need to have the knife conveniently near you, easily accessible when you need it. The steel pocket clip came in handy when I had to move around carrying on my day to day activities; the clip conveniently supported the knife with no edges protruding, tip safely pointing down at all times.

  • A good pocket knife combines durability, strength, lightweight and the right size, all together. In the 4 months, I’ve had my own, I’ve used it both for light duty tasks as well as relatively heavy tasks and it always comes through as super reliable. It’s also great for self-defense; I live in the countryside and hunting in the woods has been my lifelong passion. The SP2 has never disappointed, I’ve never had reason to carry a larger or sharper knife as Spyderco never disappoints.

Some of the cons and common issue with this knife ?

Well, I’d be untrue to myself if I bombarded you with all the good things about this knife, and not a single con or let down. Every user has their own experience and for me, one of the major letdowns was with the blade’s tip. Although the manufacturer lauds it as an aesthetic marvel and strategic design to enhance efficiency, the tip is just too weak! On the second day after I purchased my knife, I accidentally dropped it on my wooden floor on the kitchen. The knife stuck majestically to the wood and I pulled it out, but the tip had already bent and acquired a conspicuous curve that would be hard to straighten. Not sure whether to blame myself for the carelessness, or what; but nonetheless, this was the wooden floor for heaven sake and I’d have expected better of Spyderco.

Some users may also experience some bit of teething problems with the knife’s lock.  Opening the knife single-handedly can take a bit of practice even with proper lubrication. But once you get used to it, you won’t have much trouble. I heard that you can try some gun oil every now and then on the pivot of the knife; helps ease the stiffness of the blade. My knife functions just well, I’m yet to see the need to lubricate it.

It’s also worth mentioning that as a left-hander, I found the knife to be a tad too friendly towards right-handers. From the steel pocket clip to the feel of the handle when gripped with the left hand, this knife lacks the dexterous capability one would expect in a military grade knife.  But this is not unique to Spyder, other major brands like Benchmade, Shirogorov, Reate, Kershaw and many more tend to manufacture knives that favor right-handers

Final Words

Before I purchased my Spyderco Military 2 knife, I came across a very interesting comment on Amazon, where one user was saying that these knives are in such demand, that they’re often in short supply. Well, I won’t say that I struggled with purchasing mine online, just that the price was slightly costlier. Be ready to spend anything between $130 and $150 for this knife. If you’re buying Spyderco Military 2 on eBay, Amazon, or any other site and you’re being offered a price of $100 or less, chances are that you aren’t buying the genuine, original thing. Like aforementioned, the blade is made of high-quality stainless steel that doesn’t get corroded or blunted easily.  With proper use and maintenance, the SP2 won’t require frequent resharpening of the edges. Regardless of the tasks I’ve indulged in all day, I’ve found it really effective just washing the knife with soap and water, and then letting it dry overnight; it always looks new and dazzling as it did when I first purchased it.

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