Best Portable Garages (Reviewed & Tested) 2019 – Buying Guide

This review explores the best portable garage available in the market. The rating of the products are based on different factors such as construction material, size needed, durability etc.

You should not write off your dream to own a home garage because you don’t have the finances or space. Instead, you should consider investing in a portable garage. These remarkably versatile and durable units offer a solution to your problem for a percentage of the cost of a conventional home garage.

Ranging in price from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars for premium models, you should have some insight on which products have the best features and specs for your investment.

Our Top Pick
After reviewing several hundred products, we choose the ShelterLogic Shed-in-a-Box Garage for our top pick. Besides having a robust construction, this portable garage is mid-priced, compact, and a good shield for all weather conditions. We were particularly impressed by the tensioning system which creates a drum tight cover for a neat look. The cover is made from advanced triple-layer PE material that’s waterproof and resistant to UV rays

What’s a Portable Garage and Why Do You Need It?

A portable garage is simply a canopy that’s made of a material over which an outer cover is placed. Some have solid roofs, doors, and sides but it is best to think of it as a tent for your car. It typically serve three functions:

  • Protection (Working on your car). If you’re performing routine maintenance on your car, these garage provides protection against harsh weather elements. If you this is why you need a portable car garage, be sure to buy one that’s easy to set up and bring down.
  • Protection (Parking). Similar to permanent garages, portable garages create a space where you can store your car temporarily. Your car remains under protection from rain and UV radiation, and in some garages, it could be shielded from wind.
  • Miscellaneous Cover. Some people want a shelterlogic portable garage when they have a function in their home, say a barbeque party or homecoming. This creates extra resting space for your guests.

Attributes to Consider Before Buying a Portable Garage

To pick the best garage for your needs, you ought to consider several attributes and here are some we considered most important.

1.    Construction Materials

The durability of your these kinds of garage depends on the materials used in construction. Besides, the materials used determine the price, strength, and weight of your structure.

  • Frame Materials – The frames are important components in the structure of your garage because they give your structure its shape and enhance protection for what’s underneath. Since you want something portable, you should go for a strong and lightweight frame – steel is a good option here. If your budget is tight, you could go for aluminum.
  • Garage Covers – Most portable garage covers are made from polyethylene or polyester. While the latter is an affordable option, it is always advisable to choose a polyethylene cover since it shields your vehicle from UV rays. Polyester covers are a more economical options but won’t last as long as polyethylene covers will last.

2.     Size

To serve as a garage, your car should easily drive in and park for a night otherwise it is just a mere shed. Different portable garage models come in different sizes so you should think about the amount of space available in your compound as well as what you intend to store under the garage.

3.     Ease of Setting Up

Since you will most probably have to set up the portable garage alone, you should look for a unit that’s easy to assemble and erect. And since it is a portable structure, you will obviously dismantle and set it up quite often. When choosing a garage, be sure to check the complexity of setting it up.

4.     Anchoring Kit

If you live in a windy area, then this is an important thing to consider. Your garage frames and stands won’t be enough to keep it firm in strong winds so be sure to confirm whether yours comes with an anchoring kit. You will need it even for your short-term use.

5.     Versatility

We all know that a garage serves as a shelter for your car. However, no one would mind if they good a garage that doubles as an outdoor barbeque party tent. If you might need to use your garage for something more than just an ordinary car shelter, then you should consider a unit that transforms into what you want it.

Precautions When Assembling and Using a Portable Garage

For ultimate safety when assembling and using your portable garage, here are some precautions you should heed to.

  • Do not assemble your garage in windy conditions or during winter
  • You should only assemble and install your unit on a flat, level, hard surface
  • Check for the presence of utility lines, tree branches, and any other structures before assembling
  • Assemble and anchor your garage according to the instructions manual. Inadequate anchoring or improper assembly could create a hazard
  • This unit is just temporary and shouldn’t be used for long-term shelter
  • You should not allow debris, rainwater or snow to accumulate on the cover
  • You shouldn’t hang objects from any part of the portable garage
  • Inspect your structure regularly, tighten any loose ropes and hardware, and secure any loosened anchors.
  • This product isn’t a toy so don’t let children play with or near it

Top Portable Garage Shelter Reviews for Money

Best Overall: ShelterLogic Shed-in-a-Box

Shelter Logic is one of the big boys in the portable garage niche and this product earns the top spot for a reason. From the most basic aspects, this shelter is easy to set up, offers a pleasant aesthetic, and gives multiple covering options for extra versatility. Although it isn’t the largest unit on our list, its 10 by 15 feet dimensions are enough for convenient storage. You won’t have any trouble driving your vehicle inside.

The construction is supremely strong, all thanks to the high-grade 1-3/8 inch diameter steel tubing used to construct the frame. Better yet, the canopy material is made of triple layer polyurethane which is UV treated on all sides. This material is also heat sealed rather than hand stitched for ultimate waterproof protection

If you want more stability against winds, ShelterLock ground stabilizers come with this unit in addition to the ratchet-tight tension system that creates perfect tension for a wrinkle-free tent. If you’re on the market looking for a cost-efficient unit that offers a spacious and durable storage solution, then this garage from Shelter Logic is what you need.



  • High-grade steel frame
  • The finish is rust resistant
  • The steel frame has a premium powder coat finish
  • Fabric cover is UV treated
  • Features a bright interior
  • Has an easy-slide crossrail
  • The assembly instructions are difficult to understand
  • The seams are small to fit the steel frames
  • Lack of maintenance could cause it to wear and tear
  • There are complains that some orders came with missing parts.

Runner up: Abba Patio 12×20 feet Heavy Duty Garage

If you are looking for a mid-range storage option without missing out any of the features from a premium priced unit, then this garage from Abba Patio is what you need. To begin with, this product is easy to assemble and fully collapsible, making it a good product if you’re always on the go. This unit boasts a steel construction for extra strength in addition to a powder coated frame for protection against rust or corrosion. The body and roof features a durable polyethylene cover that offers maximum protection against snow, rain, wind, and the intense UV rays.

This unit’s design offers multiple options for use. You can equip the sidewalls to create a fully enclosed carport or leave them open to instantly turn your carport into a shelter for backyard use. This garage has two detachable doors that not only offer easy accessibility but also enough ventilation in the interior.

This unit’s design offers multiple options for use. You can equip the sidewalls to create a fully enclosed carport or leave them open to instantly turn your carport into a shelter for backyard use. This garage has two detachable doors that not only offer easy accessibility but also enough ventilation in the interior.



  • 12 by 20 feet dimensions create a large storage space
  • Design style is attractive
  • User-friendly (lightweight and convenient)
  • Lightweight yet sturdy construction
  • Comes with foot pads for the legs
  • Customers were impressed by the rapid shipment
  • Fully collapsible
  • The welding reinforcement is quite poor
  • The canopy on this unit fades with time
  • It leaks a lot at the seam near the roof edge

King Canopy HC1020PC – Best 10×20 Garage

The King Canopy HC1020PC should be your go-to option if you want a simple yet elegant portable garage. Measuring 10×20 feet, this structure is relatively spacious for your average car and leave space for a few extras. We were particularly impressed by the product’s standout feature – a thick, 2-inch diameter tubing which forms the structure’s frame. This is arguably the tougher and sturdier portable metal garage on our list. And as expected, the metal is powder treated for extra protection against any corrosion.

This portable carport also features a water resistant, fire resistant, and UV-proof cover for ultimate protection. Better yet, the cover boasts an innovative patented drawstring system that adds to the leak proof capabilities. The extra thick roof material and extra weight from the frame make this unit heavier than other garages on our list.



  • Steel tubing is larger and stronger
  • The written assembly instructions are quite clear
  • Tall when assembled
  • The quality for its price is impressive
  • Better tarp quality
  • Can withstand medium winds

  • This unit doesn’t come with tie-downs
  • Accessories might come in separate boxes
  • Doesn’t have sidewalls

Quictent 20X10 Upgraded Heavy Duty Carport

The Quictent heavy duty unit could serve as a temporary garage and shelter unit for a homecoming party. This carport boasts construction from a durable, UV resistant Poly that’s washable and easy to clean. Better yet, the heavy duty galvanized steel offers incredible strength and rust resistance.

For a safe structure, this unit comes with reinforcement accessories which include heavy duty 42mm connectors, elastic ropes that are easy to connect to the cover and poles, and base pegs and plates that make this portable garage more stable. Although this unit could be a good bang for the money, it doesn’t allow for height adjustments in addition to being quite difficult to bring down.

But, if you want a canopy that will offer year round protection for your car, then that’s what you will get from this unit. The base model of this structure is open-air but you could buy an upgrade kit to convert it to a fully-enclosed garage.



  • Canopy is packed well for shipping
  • Holds up fine to decent winds and rain
  • It is a good looking cover
  • Quality of poles is superb
  • The tarp isn’t big enough
  • There were complains that it rips apart easily
  • No height adjustment
  • Not easy to disassemble

Peaktop 20 by 10 Heavy Duty Portable Garage

If you’re looking for a full-sized carport to offer a wide range of uses besides storing your boat or vehicle, then this is the unit you need. This portable garage places equal emphasis on looks as it does on functionality, which are a potent combination. This unit features a useful design since it comes equipped with removable side covers and the back and front panels could be zipped closed .

Despite having similar dimensions with other garages, this unit had a 9.5 peak ceiling height which sets it apart from other models. This additional clearance makes it ideal for various outdoor uses besides the usual car storage. The construction features heavy-duty frames that are made of uniform and durable steel tubes. What’s more is that the suitably sized supports add extra strength for better stability.  

You will almost face no difficulty putting up this portable garage and coming from an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, quality is guaranteed.



  • Conveniently accessible with 2 detachable doors
  • Good value for the price
  • The sidewalls are heavy-duty
  • Excellent customer service from the manufacturer
  • Harsh sunlight is diffused into nice light
  • Multipurpose unit

  • Installation instruction are too vague in some steps
  • There’s no way to secure the ends and bottom of the sidewalls
  • This carport leaks through the seams
  • Too much weight on the roof could bend the steel tubes


The best portable garage offers a good place to park your car, store your furniture, and host a party. When shopping for the most ideal carport, always go beyond your budget consideration. And after thorough analysis of multiple products, customer reviews, and expert recommendations, the ShelterLogic Shed-in-a-Box was the winner of our round-up. All the same, you can choose a different product in our line of units.

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