Blaze Reviews Family: On the way to save Consumer’s Time and Money

We start by analyzing as many comments and reviews as possible which can be around thousands of buyer comments and reviews. This allows us to understand user experience with the product and we can take their feedback into our unbiased research. We then bifurcate the customers into groups like demographics, geographical and psychographic. This helps us better understand the reason for the feedback from people who have been using the product for a long time. 

Our experts try to eliminate outliers and unnatural comments or reviews as much as possible to get an accurate analysis. We then collect information from the best resources available like Cnet, Hifi, Consumer Report, etc. This process helps us deliver accurate and intensive reviews on the product.

Jean Whitehead

I joined BlazeReviews as the senior editor. Before that, I was working as a product manager at an e-commerce website for more than 25 years and was directly involved in the buying and selling of consumer products. This made me realize the importance of product information as customers were constantly getting harassed by the constant lack of factual information about the product. To remedy that I came to this platform and have been working in product research and analysis to provide customers with in-depth knowledge of the product to make their buying process less cumbersome.

As the senior editor, I make the review article authentic and focus on attention to detail as the more comprehensive the article the better for the customer who is planning to purchase the product. We make multiple revisions to ensure the information is concise and precise, so that you don’t waste your time with irrelevant data.

Kurt Freudenberger

I have been working as a Marketing researcher for more than 8 years before joining this website as a writer. I use my market research skills to research information from all sources as extensively as possible. 

Even though writing is my passion, I do take it very seriously as the things that I write should have a purpose. Here my purpose is to provide my readers with to the point information about the product. So that they can take an informed decision without wasting any time.

Mahenia Theuri

I have been working in a farming equipment manufacturing company as the production manager for 12 years. Because of that I have in-depth technical knowledge about different kinds of equipments and tools. I use this knowledge to better understand the working of the equipments and explain that in a simple language without using too many jargons and technical terms so that the consumer can easily understand and decide on the product.