Knife Crime Statistics UK 2019

The UK and Wales are often seen as two of the areas in the world where crime is not all that high, but since the start of 2018, crime and especially knife-related crimes have been soaring. In the UK more than 1200 people have been stabbed up until April 2018 with 51 of these stabbings being fatal in the British Capital.

With more and more people fearing for their lives, it should come as no surprise that people are fearful of walking in the streets and many are demanding the authorities to do something about this rise in crime. However, since knife carry is not illegal, it can be hard to control this and people are wary of defending themselves.


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What Seems To Be The Cause For This Rise In Crime?

According to the British authorities, an influx of cocaine seems to be the main cause for all of this mayhem in the British Capital. However, there are many other causes that all relate to long-term problems. One of these problems is the rising rate of poverty, forcing people towards addiction and even a life in crime.

In February of this year, more than 250 knives and swords were seized by the authorities. This only to them one week and almost 300 people were arrested for carrying them. While carrying a knife is not a crime by itself, it all depends on the type of knife you are carrying and a sword is definitely not something you can carry along in the public.

In the UK, the crime rate is spiking and people are left bewildered as most of the crimes are related to the drug trade and people being addicted to the drugs. Stopping the crime seems to be a tough task, but authorities are slowly cracking down on people with illegal weapons to help ensure the safety of the general public and keep you protected.

How Can We Stop This Rise In Knife Crimes?

For the public to stand together might be the only way to help stop this rise in knife crimes. By reporting illegal weapons, you can perhaps save the life of someone on the street. People addicted to drugs should also be reported or even helped as they can recover from their addiction and perhaps even be saved before they have to fatally stab someone in a last gasp for some drug money.

We believe that as a country, it is much easier to control the crime and we don’t recommend taking the law into your own hands. You should only report these crimes and keep the authorities alerted and helping you stop the violence.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and encourage you to share some of your thoughts on these statistics and if you have any other solutions that you believe can be used for stopping this rise in crime. If you have any tips for other people to keep them safe, these would also be appreciated and could perhaps save someone’s life.

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