Best 5 Jackhammers Reviews 2020 & Buying Guide

A jackhammer is a great tool for breaking up sidewalks so you can plant a flower garden or tearing down old brick walls.  An electric jack hammer doesn’t need a compressor which reduces the cost.  So, which is the best electric jackhammer out there?  We’ve already done the hard work for you.

The XtremepowerUS 2200Watt Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jackhammer is our personal favorite due to its low price, low weight, and ease of use.  Unless you’re in the business of busting up 300 feet of roadway for the city maintenance department, this should be able to handle most anything you throw at it.

So Who Needs a Jackhammer?

More people than you might think actually.  Let’s start with the obvious – do it yourself enthusiasts.  If you’ve got a list of home improvement projects you’ve scheduled for the summer, the odds are some of them will involve digging in ground that can become rock hard if there is any clay in it.

You can wear yourself out digging it out with a pick and shovel if you’re into blisters, an aching back, and sore arms, but otherwise, you might consider the advantages of a jackhammer, specifically an electric one.  They don’t need an air compressor so you don’t have to lug around an extra piece of heavy equipment when you want to use it.

With modern technology, the best electric jack hammer can equal or beat a pneumatic jackhammer, save you time and money, and speed up your home improvement schedule.  You can use them in a variety of ways.

Using a Jackhammer For – What Exactly?

What would you use a jackhammer for if you got one?  You can use it for all kinds of things, including saving money doing the prep work for a new sidewalk or driveway instead of paying a contractor for it.  If your existing driveway or sidewalk has to be replaced, ripping out the old one is half the expense of the project.  Doing that part yourself will save you enough for the jackhammer to pay for itself several times over.

If you’re thinking about any of the following projects, getting an electric jackhammer may be an idea whose time has come.

  • Tear out old in-ground swimming pools
  • Dig post holes in hard clay or packed gravel
  • Rip up an old driveway or sidewalk
  • Dig planting holes in hard ground
  • Demolish brick walls
  • Cutting through tree roots

Any project that involves digging or excavating is a candidate for using a jackhammer.  One family blogged about using an electric jackhammer to remove the porch on their house.  They even included some pictures of the wife using the jackhammer – which proves that power tools aren’t just for men anymore!

XtremepowerUS 2200Watt Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jackhammer Concrete Breaker

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  • Electric cord is kept out of the way
  • Very little vibration,Low cost and lightweight of 35lbs
  • Uses ordinary motor oil for lubrication
  • An extended warranty is available
  • Delivers 1400 blows per minute
  • Includes point chisel and flat chisel
  • Includes gloves, face mask, and goggles
  • 2200 watt input motor and
    120 volts.
  • Instructions are easy to misread

Neiko 02845A Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

This jackhammer will easily bust up an 8-10 inch thick satellite pad.  Hold it at the right angle so the chisel doesn’t get stuck as you go deeper in the concrete and let it’s own weight pull it down.  The all metal construction gives it the heft and weigh to get the job done without breaking your back.

It appears to be a replica of an old brute force demolition hammer, with very little in the way of cushioning to protect you from the vibrations, so some padded gloves would a good investment to protect your hands.

You’ll need to keep it well oiled.  SAE 80W-90 heavy duty gear oil or equivalent seems to work best.  Add the oil before you start using it then keep an eye on the oil levels as you work, topping it off as needed.  If you use anything under 30W you’ll lose oil too fast.

This jackhammer weighs in at just under 50 pounds so you need to be careful handling it or it’ll get away from you.  When you start digging, hold it upright for the first few seconds until it makes the initial hole.  If you start at an angle it will have a tendency to slide away from you and the weight makes it difficult to keep it in place.

Be sure to wear steel toed-boots.  A 50-pound jackhammer falling on your foot is no fun.



  • All metal construction and
    Weighs less than 50 lbs
  • 1240 watt motor and 110 volts
  • Auxiliary handles swivel 360 degrees
  • Delivers 1800 impact beats per minute
  • Powder coating finish for corrosion resistance and durability
  • Rugged carrying case has wheels for easy transportation
  • Comes a point chisel and a flat one
  • Includes four extra carbon brushes
  • Oil container included and
    Includes three wrenches
  • Includes work gloves and goggles
  • Uses 30W or 80W heavy duty gear oil.
  • Lots of vibration transferred to your hands.

TR Industrial TR89100 Electric Demolition Jackhammer

A lot of people have had very nice things to say about the spade tip that comes with this jackhammer.  Although you usually think about jackhammers in relation to concrete, they are also very handy for digging through hard clay or tightly packed rocks.

Using just the spade tip you can dig post holes for a fence in a fraction of the time it would take with a shovel or a post hole digger.  This jackhammer easily handles it.  Digging holes for plants is also easy when using the spade tip.

If you’re taking out an old in-ground swimming pool, this one is lightweight enough that you can lift it up to chisel out the concrete sides of the pool without having to be a weightlifter.  The auxiliary handle swivels 360 degrees for maximum comfort.

An extra set of carbon brushes are included for cleaning and the work gloves that come with it are suede to help protect your hands from the vibrations.  There isn’t much oil in it when it arrives but it uses standard 40W oil.  Just add some before you start using it.

A two-year warranty is available separately from the manufacturer, and it comes with a rolling case to make it easy to transport it from one place to another.



  • 1800 impact blows per minute and
    Lightweight of 31 lbs
  • Accessories include hex keys and flat wrenches
  • Three chisels are included: point, flat, and spade tip for digging through clay
  • 360-degree swivel auxiliary handle
  • Includes an extra set of carbon brushes
  • Includes suede work gloves and goggles
  • Includes an oil container and
    1240 watt motor
  • Heavy carrying case has wheels on it for ease of transportation
  • Two-year warranty available from manufacturer
  • All metal construction and
    120 volts
  • Uses standard 40W oil
  • Lots of vibration with this jackhammer.

11335K 35-Pound 1-1/8-Inch Bosch Electric Jack Hammer

The main attraction with this jackhammer is the almost total absence of vibration.  When you’re using it you barely feel any vibrations at all.  The anti-vibration technology on it is superb.  It protects your hands from that painful tingling you get after working with other jackhammers.

It digs down easily too.  Hold it in place and let its own weight do the work.  You don’t have to lean on it or apply any pressure.  Gravity, assisted by the anti-vibration technology, is what drives it down into the concrete or rock you’re trying to break up.

It only comes with one chisel tip though, a pointed one.  You’ll need to purchase a flat chisel separately.  Spade chisels are also available.  But it comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and brand name reliability.

It has a variable speed dial which allows you to change the impact speed based on the material you’re trying to break up.  The wheeled carrying case also makes it easy to transport it from place to place.

The major downside is the cost.  This jackhammer is shy of a thousand dollars, making it 3-4 times more expensive than most other jackhammers.  This is where most people get cold feet.  Purchasing it would be a major commitment, so be sure this is right one before you pull out your wallet.



  • Carrying case has wheels for easy transportation
  • Active vibration control handle helps reduce vibration
  • Variable speed dial and
    Padded rear handle,
  • 1300 impact blows per minute and
    120 volts
  • Aluminum construction for metal parts keeps the weight down
  • Composite construction also controls the weight
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Includes one pointed chisel bit and
    Lightweight of 35 pounds.
  • Costs close to $1000 dollars
  • Doesn’t include a flat chisel

Makita HM1810X3 70 Lb. AVT Breaker Hammer

You get what you pay for, and this is a traditional, heavy-duty, two-handled jackhammer like the kind most people picture in their mind.  This 71 pound, industrial quality jackhammer can pound its way through just about anything in its path.

It comes with four chisels, two pointed and two flat, for digging through concrete, rock, rebar, clay, or roots.  The 15 Amp, 115-volt motor delivers 1100 impact beats per minute.  It also has an AC/DC switch so you can use alternate power sources.  If one isn’t available, flip the switch and use the other.

The internal counter-balance system reduces vibrations, protecting your hands and arms while directing more of the impact energy into the surface you’re working on.  This reduces the strain on you and helps you be more productive.  It includes LED lights to indicate switch failure or damage to the electrical cord.

There is a heavy-duty metal dolly with rubberized wheels for moving the jackhammer around.  It includes storage places for the chisel bits when they’re not in use.  It comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty, and extended warranties are available if you want them.  And bonus, the decibel level is only 107, about the same as a power mower.

Be aware though, all this power comes with a steep price tag in excess of $2000 dollars.  If money was no object this would be our favorite jackhammer.



  • Powerful 15 Amp motor and
    16.4-foot power cord
  • 1100 impact beats per minute and
    Automatic brush cut-off system
  • Anti-vibration technology reduces vibration
  • Anti-vibration technology also directs more energy to the tip
  • LED light to indicate switch failure or cord damage
  • Noise level is only 107 decibels
  • AC/DC switch for use with alternative power sources
  • Includes two pointed chisels and two flat chisels
  • Wheeled, metal dolly included for transportation
  • 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Two handles on either side for maximum control
  • It weighs 71.3 pounds
  • Costs over $2000


There are a lot of jackhammers on the market, for every price range and need.  We went into this review thinking we’d end up recommending the more expensive model but we were surprised by what we found.  Technology is constantly making progress and jackhammers aren’t any exception.

Of the five tools we reviewed, it turned out that the best electric jackhammer, based on durability, reliability, price, and functionality was the XtremepowerUS 2200Watt Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jackhammer.  Even licensed contractors were impressed with this tool, which is really saying something. Aside from the misleading way the instructions are written – they looked like they were written by someone in China – we couldn’t find anything to object to with this tool.  The manufacturer even offers an extended warranty for it, which adds to it as the best electric jackhammer.

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