The Best Kitchen Faucets Reviews: An Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for All

Looking for an easy and inexpensive way to give your kitchen an upgrade to its looks and functionality? Installing a new kitchen faucet is one of the easiest ways to do do.

That old, outdated, worn out faucet in your kitchen can affect more than just looks. Newer faucets often have some helpful new features and designs that can drastically improve how you use your sink, whether it’s for cleaning or food prep — and they may also be able to lower your water bill.

Below, you’ll find our picks for the best kitchen faucets reviews of 2018

The Delta Leland 9178T-AR-DST is the ultimate combination of futuristic functions and style. It includes a built-in pull-out sprayer, can shut off on its own, and you can even turn the sink on and off simply by touching it anywhere on the metal. Add to that a tall gooseneck spout with plenty of clearance, and a temperature indicator, and you can see why it’s worth the price.

5 Best Kitchen Faucets

Delta Leland 9178T-AR-DST
Our Rating: [usr 4.9 size=15]
Touch on/off
Water-efficient flow
Easy to clean
Moen Arbor Motionsens
Our Rating: [usr 4.8 size=15]
Easy installation
Two stream choices
Touch-free operation
Modern Pull-Down Sprayer
Our Rating: [usr 4.7 size=15]
Convenient reach and rotation
Modern styling
Dual water modes
Moen 7294SRS
Our Rating: [usr 4.6 size=15]
Spot-free finish
Convenient hose length
Small profile
Delta 21996LF-OB Windemere
Our Rating: [usr 4.7 size=15]
Unique design
Curved spout reduces
High water flow

Best Overall : Delta Leland 9178T-AR-DST

It’s hard to find a better and more advanced faucet than the Delta Leland Series 9178T. Not only does this faucet have a modern design and sleek look, it’s full of advanced features that the majority of faucets don’t come close to offering.

This particular model is the stainless steel version, and blends in well with most kitchen decors. It uses a gooseneck shape, and the spout can be pulled down and be used as a sprayer. While the faucet can be turned on and off using the handle, a simple touch anywhere on the metal will activate it, with another touch turning it off.

There’s almost too many extra features to go over. An LED light on the front indicates water temperature as it rises and falls, and the faucet also includes an auto shut-off in case you forget to turn it off yourself. Mineral build-up on the spout can be wiped away using just your finger.

Bottom line, installing the Delta Leland 9178T in your kitchen gives you an instant and futuristic upgrade, both in terms of looks and functionality.


  • Touch on/off
  • LED temperature indicator
  • Scandinavian grind sharpens fast and easy
  • Auto shut-off
  • Water-efficient flow
  • Easy to clean


  • Needs batteries or included AC Adapter Pricey

Best Touchless: Moen Arbor Motionsense

For those looking for the ultimate hands-free faucet experience, the Moen Arbor Motionsense is the easy choice. Motion-sensing technology combines with a minimal aesthetic and the perfect amount of added features — and it’s easy to install.

The stainless steel material of this model resist spotting, giving it a consistently neat and clean look with little effort. There are double sensors that can detect your motion at different angles, turning the water on with a pass of your hands in front. A sprayer detaches by simply pulling down on the front.

One notable feature of the Motionsense is its dual spray patterns. You can choose either a basic aerated stream for general use, or tap the button to a switch to a powerful controlled jet stream that can be used for everything from rinsing produce, to clean and scrub dishes.

The Moen Arbor Motionsense is also available in oil-rubbed bronze, and chrome finish.


  • Easy installation
  • Two stream choices
  • Touch-free operation
  • Pull-down sprayer


  • Price
  • Only three colors available

This kitchen faucets from KINGO HOME offers commercial-level functionality and performance in a residential-sized package that can be installed in any standard home sink. It merges an industrial look with a modern style, giving homeowners a versatile faucet that’s easy to use.

The KINGO HOME Modern Pull-Down Faucet comes standard in a brushed nickel finish, and uses a retractable hose that can extend up to 20 inches from its dock. The faucet head can rotate a full 360 degrees for maximum reach and convenience.

A trigger on the front of the sprayer lets users switch between a normal water stream, and a more powerful spray that can make cleaning dishes and other objects a lot easier. The faucet’s touch-clean nozzle allows for quick cleaning by wiping any build-up off in seconds.


  • Modern styling
  • Dual water modes
  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient reach and rotation


  • Lack of finish choices
  • Moderate skills needed for installation

Best Pull-Out: Moen 7294SRS

The Moen 7294SRS offers a more inconspicuous approach to pull-out faucets, giving users the benefits and convenience of a pull-out sprayer, but in a smaller, minimalist design that provides added clearance thanks to a curved spout.

The 7294SRS is operated by a single handle and the sprayer can be pulled out at any time while the water is on, extending to 68 inches. A pause button will momentarily stop the flow of the water, giving you time to properly aim the sprayer as needed without making a mess.

The faucet can sustain either a stream or a powerful spray, giving you different water pressure options for different tasks. A spot-resistant finish keeps the 7294SRS looking great in between detailed cleaning and polishing. And thanks to a Duralock Quick Connect system, installation takes just a few minutes, even for a novice.


  • Spot-free finish
  • Convenient hose length
  • Small profile
  • Dual spray modes
  • Quick installation


  • A little expensive for its simplicity

Delta 21996LF-OB Windemere (Oil-Rubbed Bronze)

Do you prefer an older look to your faucet, but with modern performance and versatility? The Delta Windemere 21996LF-OB is an ideal buy. Elegant and well-built, this faucet ensures a vintage look, while delivering a high water flow, matching sprayer, and a curved gooseneck that provides plenty of extra clearance.

The 21996LF-OB’s black finish is highlighted with bronze detailing for a more authentic vintage style, with all of the components matching perfectly — including the side sprayer. The spout of the faucet positions it in the middle of the sink tub, helping to eliminate backsplash.

This can reach a flow rate of 1.80 gallons per minute @ 60 psi, giving the sprayer added pressure for easier cleaning, and allowing the spout to fill glasses and containers at a much quicker pace than the average.


  • Unique and vintage design
  • Curved spout reduces backsplash
  • Spout pivots 360 degrees for more convenience
  • High water flow


  • Expensive for a basic faucet

Commercial kitchens faucets have certain demands that ordinary sinks and faucets can’t meet. The Fapully Commercial Pull-Down Faucet may be designed for restaurants and commercials kitchens, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it at home.

The Fapully Commercial Pull-Down Faucet improves upon a traditional commercial faucet design. The single handle can control both water pressure and temperature, and the sprayer includes a lock that can keep the sprayer on without the needs to hold the pressure handle down yourself.

The faucet is completely rust-resistant, utilizes a heavy-duty spring that’s built to last for years, and both the stream head and spout can both rotate a full 360 degrees to improve your reach.

And while this faucet is designed to hold up to the rigors of a commercial kitchen, its easy installation and clean, modern, and industrial style makes it a perfect match for contemporary kitchens looking to make a statement.


  • Ultra-durable
  • Versatile styling
  • Locking spray handle
  • High water flow that’s also efficient


  • May be too big for some kitchens

The Delta Peerless P110LF is a great option for buyers not looking to spend all that much on a new faucet, but still want the typical Delta quality and build. This simple faucet is anything but flashy, but still has some subtle styling, is able to match most decors, and installs quickly.

The Peerless P110LF is a single-handle faucet, options for a tall curved handle that’s easy to reach and control. The spout protrudes about 8 inches from the base, placing it in an ideal spot for minimizing backsplash and reaching the center of the sink tub. 

A 1.8 gallons per minute flow rate is impressive given the faucet’s size. While the chrome finish is the cheaper of the two choices, a stainless steel option gives buyers added refinement and appeal for a small increase in price.



  • Affordable
  • Versatile styling
  • Single handle operation


  • No sprayer
  • Maybe too boring for some

This three-piece set from Delta gives you a clean faucet installation with a matching separate handle and soap dispenser — perfect for those with a three-hole sink looking to upgrade looks and function att at once.

The kitchen faucets itself has a pull-down sprayer with extra reach, and uses a MagnaTite Docking system that always pulls the sprayer back to the faucet, locking it in place with a magnet. You can switch the faucet from stream to spray with the push of a button just behind the spout head.

The handle adjusts pressure and temperature, while the matching soap dispenser is easy to install, and offers a nice uniform look to the entire system. The faucet is fairly quick to install, and includes Diamond Seal technology that prevents leaks for years and years to come.


  • Easy upgrade for a three-hole sink setup
  • Includes Touchclean system
  • Dual spray
  • Spray extension will not wear out over time


  • Can’t be installed on anything other than a three-hole sink
  • A little pricey

The SHACO Nickel Two Handle Faucet is an excellent replacement for a standard two-hole sink, providing a faucet and matching sprayer, complete with gooseneck spout extended handles. Better yet, it won’t cost you much at all.

The gooseneck spout can rotate 360 degrees for added convenience with a dual-tub setup, and the curved design and height gives the spout better clearance and minimization of any backsplash that could occur.

The faucet’s design has a familiar look that’s been modernized just a bit, so it can blend in with a variety of kitchen decors, and isn’t overly flashy for those that prefer a more low-key sink aesthetic.


  • Economical
  • Easy to install for two-hole sinks
  • Matching sprayer
  • Versatile style


  • Hoses not included


  • Includes hoses
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable price
  • Modern styling
  • Quality materials


  • No sprayer available as an option

This faucet from VAPSINT is perfect for sinks with one hole, or simply any buyer needing a simple, attractive faucet installation without a sprayer. Crafted from stainless steel, brass, and zinc alloy, the VAPSINT Single Handle Modern Faucet has an appealing look and towering spout that instantly upgrades any sink.

The spout’s height reach nearly one foot in length, and can easily pivot 360 degrees to either side of the sink. It’s controlled by one handle that adjusts both pressure and water temperature, while preventing any leaks.

Installation is quick and simple, and the VAPSINT has several different color options, and can also be ordered with a matching soap dispenser.

Aspects to Consider When Buying a New Kitchen Faucet

A kitchen faucets isn’t the biggest or most expensive item you’ll purchase for your kitchen, but there are still a number of things you should go over before buying to ensure you get the product that’s best for your needs — both in terms of looks and function. 


Form over function, right? For most buyers, the first thing they’ll pay attention to is the actual style and design of the faucet. It’s certainly understandable, as the faucet is one of the cornerstones of your kitchen’s look.

A faucet replacement can really set the tone for your kitchen’s aesthetic. You can go with a more modern faucet with a sleek design, something more traditional and low key, or look for a faucet that has a throwback vintage style.

Modern-styled faucets are usually the most popular now, and come in several different varieties. You’ll find single spouts that operate by touch, industrial-styled faucets, and more elaborate, attention-grabbing styles that can serves as a conversation piece.

It’s all up to you of course, but unless you’re planning a full remodel, it’s best to go with something that will match your current decor for the most part.


The primary function of a faucet is to deliver water, but how the faucet goes about doing so is where you have lots of options. An increasingly popular design is the pull-out faucet, which replaces the auxiliary sprayer with an all-in-one faucet that you can simply pull from the main spout assembly.

Other modern and desired functions include dual stream options that let you choose between the water streaming out in standard aerated form, or using a more powerful spray that can help loosen food and debris on dishes, and also clean vegetables and fruits.

Touchless sinks can detect motion when you place your hand in front of them, letting you turn the faucet on and off without touching anything. Other sinks can be turned on and off by tapping the sink anywhere.


Some sinks have more complicated installations than others, especially the more advanced models. If you have a two or three-piece sink, you’ll have to install the handle, soap dispenser, or auxiliary sprayer separately as well. Some sinks may require you to plug in an AC adapter as well, but this is rare. 
If you are not the most crafty in terms of handyman tasks, a simpler sink may be better for you, unless you plan on having someone else install it for you. Always check the manufacturer info to get an idea of what the installation will be like, and if the sink includes all the parts and hoses needed. 

Extra Features

This goes back to the function aspect in many ways. Features such as LED lights, motion detection, dual-streams, and a pull-out sprayer can all be considered extra on top of basic sink functions. 

If you want the most advanced sink, look for one that comes with plenty of extras like the one listed above. They will greatly improve convenience, and may even add a little fun to your kitchen as well. 



Do the Number of Holes in My Sink Need to Match the Faucet Assembly?

Well, yes and no. If you’re replacing a faucet in an existing sink, it’s always easier to use a sink setup that utilizes the same amount of holes that you have.

With that said it’s not necessarily a requirement. You can purchase a number of items that can be used to cover the existing holes if they don’t end up getting used with your new faucet.

If your sink doesn’t have enough holes for the faucet assembly you’re thinking about buying, you can consider hiring a contractor to make new holes to accommodate.

The better “problem” to have would be having too many holes, as this requires less work in the long run. But either way, you can often find ways around holes and slots not matching up.

Can I Use a Tankless Hot Water Heater with My New Faucet?

Tankless hot water heaters are becoming more and more popular or some homeowners lately, and it’s definitely understandable. Tankless hot water heaters provide endless hot water, and can often reduce your heating bills as well.

However, due to the way they operate, the heater may restrict the flow of the water to your faucets in order to let the water heat up properly. While the flow will gradually increase after any number of seconds, realize that using hot water will initially lower the gallons per minute of your faucet, which decreases the water pressure.

For some, this is a perfectly fine trade off. If you value water pressure over all things, using your new faucet with a tankless water heater may not be ideal.

Can I Install the Faucet Myself?

Installing a new faucet on your own may seem daunting at first, but in many cases, it’s really not that complicated, even for novices. Most new faucets come with detailed instructions on how to perform the installation, walking you through each step as needed. They also usually only require basic tools, and no drilling or sawing.

Some of the more advanced faucets could require some added skills that not everyone will be comfortable with. In this case, it may be best to hire a handyman or contractor — or ask a neighbor.

Keep in mind that Amazon offers installation with many of their faucets for an added fee, so that’s always an option.

Where Can I Learn How to Install My New Faucet?

As we just mentioned in kitchen faucet reviews , your faucet should come with instructions for installation. However, if the instructions are not sufficient, or you just want a better visual of the process, you can find a number of helpful videos on sites like YouTube.
Just search for your sink name and manufacturer first, and if that doesn’t work, search for the type and you’re bound to find some that will help.

Can a New Faucet Lower My Water Bill?

One of the reasons some people purchase a new faucet has to do with lowering utility bills. Wasting water can quickly cause your water bill to surge, and some of that has to do with the actual flow of your faucets, baths, and toilets. Many sinks simply use too much water with normal usage.

More often than not, a modern faucet uses technology that increases water flow efficiency, providing you with better water pressure, and a powerful flow, all while using less water overall. Installing newer faucets throughout your home that use this technology will have a noticeable effect on your bills over time, which basically ends up paying for itself.

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