Best Combat Knife: With Self Defense On The Rise, A knife Could Save Your Life

The combat knife is one of my favorite topics. Being a knife enthusiast, I have been looking at the top combat knives and features that make them stand out. The best combat knife has varying features that set it apart from the rest of the competition and we have taken a deeper look at some of these features to find these knives.

In this article, we discuss some of the top combat knives and help you to make the best choice when it comes to selecting one of them. Our in-depth buyer’s guide will enable you to choose a combat knives if none of these options resonate with you. However, we have put in a lot of work and testing to find the top options.

Best Pick: SE37-N Black TiNi 7

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The “SEAL Team Elite” SE37-N Black TiNi 7” Fixed Blade Knife from SOG is one of my favorite knives. It is designed from top quality materials and highly valued by the US military. Since it is also lightweight, the knife will always be easy to handle and the durable handle will make it possible to keep the knife from slipping from your hands.

Best Combat Knives On The Market Today

Knives have many intricate features that we will delve into. However, we decided to choose the top knives and show you how they rate before helping you make the right decision when it comes to choosing an option. Here are the top combat knives on the market today that will help you to in any combat situation:

Product Name Features Buy
“SEAL Team Elite” SE37-N
  • Blade Length: 7″
  • Overall Length: 12.3″
  • Weight: 10.3 oz
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Gerber Silver Trident
  • Blade Length: 6.18″
  • Overall Length: 11.22″
  • Weight: 17.4 ounce
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Morakniv Garberg
  • Blade Length: 4.3″
  • Overall Length: 9.0″
  • Weight: 9.6 oz
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RED V2 Fixed Blade
  • Blade Length: 4″
  • Overall Length: 8.625″
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces
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SOG “Pillar” UF1001-BX
  • Blade Length: 5″
  • Overall Length: 9.9″
  • Weight: 7.3 oz
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Best Overall : “SEAL Team Elite” SE37-N Black TiNi 7”

The first one in our list is the “SEAL Team Elite” SE37-N Black TiNi 7” Fixed Blade Knife from SOG. Made from durable stainless steel, the is 12.3-inches in length and the fixed blade design makes it perfect for stabbing and maintaining control. With a weight of only 10.3-ounces, the knife will definitely be easy to handle.

Titanium Nitride treatment has been applied to the knife. This gives it an extra layer of durability. Tests have shown the coating to harden the knife on the same level, as heat treatment should. I found the glass reinforced nylon handle to be extremely easy to use. It also offers excellent gripping that will even benefit you in wet weather conditions.

The molle sheath is lightweight and this will keep the knife protected when you are not using. However, the lack of a hand guard could be fatal when stabbing and your hand might even be damaged. The small serrated edges on the knife are designed for cutting through different strains of meat and this could make the knife.

While many might expect the top knives to be really expensive, It is actually one of the cheaper knives with actually quality features. The knife can be used for survival or for haunting, making ti one of the most versatile options on the market today. We would definitely recommend it for the quality and value it offers.


  • Extremely durable design
  • Multifunctional
  • Fixed blade for more stability
  • Lightweight sheath included
  • Excellent gripping technology


  • The knife does not have any protection for your hands.

Best Versatile Knife: Gerber Silver Trident

Gerber is one of the leading outdoor brands. They are not only known for their excellent survival knives, but they also hunting knives. The Gerber Silver Trident Knife is one of the top knives for versatility. Made from durable stainless steel, the blade length is 6.18-inches and this will be more than enough for tactical purposes.

Hytrel is more of an experimental material, but it has been received with a lot of good reviews. Two versions of this material have been used for the handle. While it might spike the price, it will definitely offer you a lot of durability and also ensures that the handle has a lot of grip in wet weather conditions or with slippery hands.

Having a heat-treated blade amps up the durability, but this also retains the overall flexibility of the knife. This flexibility will make this perfect for skinning and defending yourself. The nylon sheath offers a ton of comfort and the knife easily slides into the sheath without causing any damage. You can wear the sheath with comfort as well.

Unfortunately, Gerber is one of the more expensive brands on the market today. The knife is designed for the military and it is also recommended for tactical purposes. We would recommend it for avid survivalists to ensure the knife will be used often. Nevertheless, if you are looking for quality, this knife will definitely make life easier.


  • Extremely durable and flexible blade
  • Durable handle with great grip
  • Serrated edges make the knife perfect for cutting
  • Includes a lightweight nylon sheath


  • Quite expensive

Best Affordable Option: Morakniv Garberg Full Tang

A knife that is not really well known amongst many of the US citizens, the Morakniv Garberg Full Tang Fixed Blade is a great option for those in need of a new knife for self-defense. The 14C28N Sandvik stainless steel blade is just over 4-inches, making it the perfect size for concealment and ensuring that you can have something on you for protection.

The blade has been heat-treated as many of the other top blades that we have selected. The polyamide handle is lightweight and with small dots added to the pattern, it will offer you decent grip in all weather conditions. I find the leather sheath to be extremely durable and safe for storing the knife away from any prying eyes.

In terms of the price, the knife is definitely worth it. It might not include serrated edges, but it will still do the job when it comes to cutting through tough objects. The only real downside is the lack of sharpness and the knife needs to be sharpened quite often. This knife will definitely make it possible for you to enjoy the outdoor life.


  • Decent durability
  • Really affordable
  • Includes a leather sheath
  • Lightweight and easy to handle


  • The knife lacks sharpness and needs to constantly be sharpened

Best Underrated Knife: RED V2 Fixed Blade Black PVD

The RED V2 Fixed Blade Black PVD is one of most underrated knives on the market today. Made from durable stainless steel, the knife features a 4-inch blade. This is the ideal size for concealment and the knife will be lightweight as well. The black PVD coated blade offers additional strength and should make the blade more flexible as well.

With an additional finger handle, the knife will be easy to keep in your hands. When thrusting forward for a stabbing motion, you have more force and power. The serrated edges also offer versatility and the knife should be ideal for cutting as well. My only complaint is the smooth handle might occasionally slip out of your hand when it is wet.

The knife brand might not be well known, but they have been building a reputation for durability. It is no secret that the blade can be slightly overpriced compared to some of the top brands, but we definitely recommend it for the top quality features. If you are looking to stand out from the flow of the main society, this knife is for you.


  • Decent durability
  • Offers added protection for your hands
  • Great for cutting and slicing
  • Includes a Kydex sheath


  • A Little Expensive
  • The handle is slippery

Editor’s Choice: SOG “Pillar” UF1001-BX USA Made CPM S35VN Steel

Once again, we have an SOG knife that will be perfect for individuals that love some of the more established brands. The SOG “Pillar” UF1001-BX USA Made CPM S35VN Steel Tactical Knife is one of the top knives made for military purposes. CPM S35VN Steel is used of the blade and this is really durable, yet flexible.

While stainless steel is used throughout the blade, it includes a Micarta cover that will keep the knife firmly placed in your hands at all times. The finger choil will offer you grip and your hands will be slightly protected from potential damage when you are stabbing. My biggest complaint is the weight and I believe this could have been lessened for beginners.

Since it is made in the US, the knife is somewhat more expensive than the previous SOG knife. However, the features do stand head and shoulders above the competitions and we would recommend for the quality and the value they offer. The Kydex sheath will make the knife easy to conceal and carry on your person.


  • Durable heat-treated blade
  • Unique handle with excellent grip
  • Includes a finger choil for more control
  • Extremely sharp blade for stabbing and cutting


  • Quite expensive

Best Japanese Knife: Cold Steel CS16JSM-BRK Trail Master Bowie

Japanese steel has always been highly rated and many of the top knife producing companies choose Japanese steel for their blades. VG-1 San MAI III steel is used for the Cold Steel CS16JSM-BRK Trail Master Bowie and this has proven to be really durable as well as functional when it comes to overall flexibility.

With a smooth blade and fixed design, the knife does not have any weakness when it comes to the center. This gives the knife great stabbing power and stability. The 5-inch Kraton handle will make the knife sit firmly in your hand and many of my tests have shown it to offer excellent grip in even the wettest of weather conditions.

Many people have complained about the lack of serrated edges. However, you will not be using it for cutting. The blades will remain sharp for a long time, but having a decent knife sharpener can never do any harm. Since it is also really lightweight, even women can handle the blade with the utmost of comfort.

Since it is made from some of the best steel found on the planet, the knife is quite expensive. However, it will last you a couple of years if not the rest of your life if you look after it. The Black Cordura sheath is lightweight and will ensure the knife can be concealed on your body for everyday carry. We would recommend it for serious outdoor enthusiasts.


  • Great durability with Japanese made steel
  • Lightweight
  • Remains sharp for a long time
  • Offers a secure grip


  • The knife is expensive
  • It does not have serrated edges

Best Folding Knife: Gerber Covert Knife

Last but certainly not least, we have the Gerber Covert Knife. This knife is really trustworthy and comes with a durable stainless steel blade. The blade is titanium coated for extra durability and additional flexibility. Since it is not fixed, it is much easier to conceal in your clothing and can be drawn at a rapid pace.

Gerber has employed F.A.S.T. technology and this enables the user to deploy the blade at a much faster speed. Once the blade is locked, it remains fully locked until you manually deploy the blade when needed. Additional serrated edges will offer the ability to cut through tough objects and get the job done as needed.

My biggest complaint is the size of the blade. It measures only 3.7-inches, making it one of the shorter options on the market today. This will be excellent for concealment, but many people might think it lacks the punch to do fatal damage. However, we always recommend self-defense training if you plan to defend yourself.

While most Gerber knives are fairly expensive, this knife is not too expensive. The affordable price will make it great for men and women to carry on them. It has made the list for the price and all these excellent features. We definitely recommend the blade for the quality features, but not really for self-defense purposes.


  • Durable titanium coated blade
  • Small and easy to conceal
  • Includes F.A.S.T. technology to quickly deploy the blade
  • Firmly locks into place when not used
  • Really affordable


  • The blade is a little too small for tactical purposes

Key Features To Consider When Choosing Combat Knife

Now you have seen all the knives that we believe will offer you the best possible value for your money. However, many of you are still wondering which features we used to choose these knives. Fortunately, we have designed a small list of these features, helping you to choose your own best combat knife in the world if needed:


If you have any knife knowledge at all, you will understand that there are two major knife types. This is the folding and the fixed-blade knives. However, you might not know which one is best and we have included a small description for each of them to make your life a little easier.

  • Folding: Folding knives are much smaller than their fixed blade counterparts are. However, they lack some length and the blades are not always ideal for stabbing. These knives can be used for protection and they are great to conceal on your body. We would recommend them if you are looking for something small and lightweight.
  • Fixed: The fixed blade knives are slightly heavier and larger. They are generally used for survival purposes and combat. However, they might be a little too heavy for many users. With these knives you will need a sheath (generally included) to keep the knife concealed and out of harm’s way.

Whichever one you choose, you should consider the knives we have listed; they have been tested for these purposes and will offer you excellent value for your hard-earned cash.


The blade is the special part of the knife. When searching for a new knife, you should keep the blade materials and the length in mind. Stainless steel is really durable and great for beginners, but when you need the best, you should look for stronger steel types. The length should be around 4-inches for optimal impact and to give you enough time to run if you are caught in trouble.

Additionally, we also look at the coating. Brands like Gerber love adding titanium, but there are other great coatings as well. The coating will keep the blade protected from damage and it could make it more flexible as well. We highly recommend having a coating and some sort of treatment to strengthen the blade and make it more durable.


I have seen many beginners neglect to look at the handle and they simply purchase the blade without keeping this in mind. The handle will tell you how much grip the knife will offer. You should look for some sort of plastic, as it is not damaged in wet weather conditions. Nowadays, there are many types of plastic materials that can be used for the handle.

The finger protection will keep your hands protected from sliding onto the blade and hurting yourself. If you are using it for tactical purposes, this will be necessary. However, most of the top blades have this included already to ensure optimal protection and use of the blade. Yes, you should also keep your own safety in mind.


I never really gave much attention to the edge and I always thought that every blade can be sharpened. However, a bladesmith taught me how the quality of steel will have an effect on the sharpness. You need to refer back to the materials of the blade and all the materials we have selected will enable you to keep the knife sharp at all times.

Additionally, you can use a sharpener to ensure the blade remains sharp when it is used. The top sharpeners are easy to find and some of them even come with a strike and flint. This will always be handy in any outdoor situation you venture into. Regular sharpening will keep the blade protected and in good conditions, also expanding the lifetime.


Lastly, the brand is something you need to look at first. Lately, there have been many knock-off brands flooding the market with designs that are similar to the top knives. If you are looking for the best, you will notice that the original knives are much more expensive. This is not to rip you off, but to show you that the knives are quality.

We have done a lot of our research and checked out a couple of forums to help find these knock-off and avoid any pitfalls. However, new knives are constantly popping up and you should also do your own research to ensure that you don’t fall into any of these traps. You can rest assured that all the selected knives come with great reputations for reputable brands.


My research has taken me on a massive journey and greatly improved my knowledge when it comes to knives. However, I hope this article will shed some light on all of the top knives and their excellent features. All the selected knives are on this list for the quality and the value they offer, but the best combat knife is definitely the “SEAL Team Elite” SE37-N Black TiNi 7” Fixed Blade Knife.

If you have enjoyed reading this article, we have many more great articles that will help you build your knowledge. We would like to thank you for reading this article and encourage you to share some of your thoughts on the selected knives. Let us know in the comment section if we might have missed any of your favorite options.

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