About Us

Blazereviews.com was born out of the idea to save your time on finding out the appropriate sharpness of a knife to seamlessly cut things that you always wanted to. Everyone goes through a time when you are having a hard time to cut through even the simplest of things such as fruits and vegetables. One of the most important tool in your backyard or kitchen, it is one of the most important things and if not chosen properly, you can have a hard time. 

How Blazereviews team test products?

The team of Blazereviews has a bunch absolutely the best people in the business which also includes butchers because we understand the requirements of our readers who belong to a wide variety of backgrounds. We do an in depth R&D of the products before we feature them on out website. We refrain from getting sponsored products as it can influence our decision to recommend you only the best.

Our team is always dedicated and we make sure to never reveal the fact that we are going to review a particular product at any given point of time. Once when we are done with the review, we donate it to the charity. Each member of our team makes it a point to rigorously test the products so that you don’t have to do the research.

We ask for feedback from a variety of people who share with us their honest feedbacks about things such as the ease of cutting and handling. We ensure all the tiny little details are taken care of. Our team includes experts, housewives, chefs and even butchers. We leave no stone unturned in testing and recommending you only the best.

The Blazereviews team is never involved in featuring a product for monetary gain. We earn our revenue from the ad services which we run on our website which is a part of the Amazon’s affiliate programme.

What we plan to do with BlazeReviews

The main motive is to do the research for you so you don’t have to, we love our job of cutting through things. In the process, several of us suffer injuries but all of that is to ensure you choose only the best.

The Blazereviews Team

Lisa Harvey
Lisa is the founding member on Blazereviews, and has a penchant for motivational speaking and cooking things. Her dream is to go own a giant LARP park and deliver a cosplay lecture.
Mail me at: lisa@blazereviews.com

Barry Wilson
Writer by day, party beast at night, Barry is one of the founding members of Blazereviews. He has a healthy love for kitchen stuff, and melts at the sight of animals.

Panther Thomas
Panther is the organiser of Blazereviews operations. He is known for her patience and authoritativeness, which she says is the only way to get work done in the office.

Amanda Goy
Amanda is our star writer, reviewer and researcher. She loves metal and jazz music, and is constantly watching DIY videos. A brutal tester of products. She ensures the products are tested in and out.

Charlie Scott
Charlie is responsible for arranging the products for the team to review, packing them off later, and getting expert opinion on items being reviewed. His fashion sense is the envy of the team.

Guan Gonz
Guan manages Blazereviews online presence on various platforms. She is also the person to go to when you want someone to talk to.

Eddy Gonzaves
Eddy is an expert in everything online, Ed manages our entire website. His skill at researching products is intimidating at times.